About P.A.G.E.

PAGE-halloween2014-BenNateWelcome to the website for Monroe-Woodbury P.A.G.E. – Parents Advocating for Gifted Education in the Monroe-Woodbury School District

Parents Advocating for Gifted Education is a non-profit organization that aims to foster and create more learning opportunities for the gifted children at Monroe-Woodbury schools. We support the continuation and expansion of the current gifted programs in the school district. We work with school administrators, teachers and parents to build a community that can understand and address the unique challenges of educating asynchronous learners. As school districts are constantly faced with the task of providing more for students, with the same or reduced funding, the programs that meet the needs of the gifted are at risk of being reduced or cut entirely, as there is no state or federal mandate to meet the needs of these students. We are the voice for our children’s education and work to build a gifted program that meets their needs from kindergarten to their senior year.

P.A.G.E. members are interested in ensuring the continuation of and potential program growth opportunities for gifted and talented student programs within the Monroe Woodbury School District.

Our mission is to keep an open and positive dialogue with Monroe –Woodbury School District administrators and Board of Education members to make certain district funding continues for gifted and talented programs: to support the gifted and talented student program faculty: and to look at ways to raise funds to provide enrichment opportunities/program/services for gifted and talented students for which funding may not otherwise be available.

We are a volunteer organization and welcome the talent and expertise of the parents in our community.

Join our email list below for updates, and become a member at school open houses and other events!


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